Interview with Mori Tersigni

MBE: Mori can you please speak briefly about your background and your family?

Mori: I have three daughters and a wife. I always joke around that the large volume of travelling I do is because I have to come home to four women and I’m usually in the way. I take a lot of pleasure in spending time with my family. I have been very involved with my daughters as their soccer coach. They have all played since they were young children and since they have been playing I have been their coach. As a family we are also very involved in cycling and still spend time cycling together.

I started my education in architecture but quickly realized due to the recession that was going on in Canada at the time that I had to change my focus towards business and not architecture. As soon as I graduated I joined Bell and worked there for the next 18 years. I left Bell as Senior Vice President and moved to Rogers.

MBE: Could you please start off by giving us a brief introduction about your company and what it does?

Mori: We at M-Trex are a wireless company. We connect directly to the large carriers and take their networks and bring it into our secure network. We deal with any kind of machine that requires wireless data such as ATM’s and GPS machines. We do that in Canada, the US, Europe and South America. We are based out of Mississauga where our head office is and have offices in all the cities where we are located.

My background has always been in telecommunication, I spent 18 years at Bell and a further 8 years in Rogers. While I was at Rogers I saw the opportunity to get involved in Machine to Machine, which is a part of the wireless industry. With the help of Rogers as my first partner I was able to start M-Trex in 2008.

MBE: How was your experience working with the giants of the telecommunication industry such as Rogers and Bell?

Mori: Rogers has been a good partner for my settled at Bell but the major motivation for me to move to Rogers was a personal phone call I got from Ted Rogers inviting me to join Rogers. It was an offer from a man I could not refuse.

MBE: Do you think there will come a point where you do not need the help and support of these large companies?

Mori: No because the relationship we have with these companies is a symbiotic relationship where we are using their help as far as infrastructure. The only way I would be able to work without their help is if made a very large investment and made my own infrastructure but that is not feasible.

MBE: Mori can you please comment on the fact that technology is always changing in a rapid pace and this brings about challenges especially in the industry both your company and our company are involved in?

Mori:Technology is changing very rapidly so what we at M-Trex try to do to counter this is we try to focus purely on the network side of things. We focus all our efforts into making sure these networks can function securely and efficiently with the new technology.

As an example a big change that came recently was the cost of data which has gone down rapidly in the last couple of years. A couple of years ago using around three gigabyte of data a month would be very expensive. Now because the cost of data has gone down we have been able to venture into new projects such as the one we just worked on in New York. The government in New York has made it mandatory for all taxis to have cameras in them and these cameras send lots of gigabytes of data back to the network. Because it is feasible in this day and age we were able to successfully complete this project. The same project would most likely have not been feasible a couple of years back.

We at M-Trex are also now able to cater to companies that do not require so much data. For example some of our clients in Europe are only using 15 Kilobytes a month. Whilst some companies would not be able to provide them service due to their low volume, we at M-Trex are able to cater to them.

Overall as technology changes we make sure that our networks are up to date and secure and cannot be compromised.

MBE: Do you see any future challenges that your company would not be able to keep up with or not be able to tackle such as the emergence of new companies and competitors?

Mori:I do see these kinds of challenges in the industry but I feel as if these challenges usually affect a particular country instead of a global market. Newer competitors are always entering the market and this can have a positive impact also. As long as there is a good balance between these companies and the market there is more than enough business out there and it should not be a problem.

MBE: To finish off can you please give a message to our readers and members of our program?

Mori:I believe the MBBP program is a wonderful program because we all need to have business relationships in our daily lives. MBBP is a good way to create these business connections and this is especially for the younger people who are just finishing university who have a future of business relationships ahead of them. This program helps these kinds of people come together and grow together with other companies in a mutually beneficial way.

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