Interview with Jeremy Diamond

MBE:Can you please let our readers know about your education and successful achievements in life?

JD: I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree from York University. I obtained my JD at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and also attended Osgood. Along with my wife and brother and law, I took carriage of Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers. Just over three years ago we were one office located in North Toronto. Since then we have expanded to 14 locations across the province and become one of the biggest names in the Personal Injury Industry.

MBE: How did you start your career and what motivated you to join law and particularly the accident claims business?

JD: It was important for me to work on the plaintiff side of personal injury. I found it intrinsically motivating to advocate for the injured and seek to get them the compensation they deserve. Personal Injury is a difficult space as victims often have a plethora of financial and psychological issues that go along with their injuries. Families can be torn apart and people’s lives are turned upside down in mere seconds. I wanted to launch a firm that was known as being tough advocates for the injured and willing to stand up to the big insurance companies who have a great deal of resources at their disposal.

MBE:What trouble, hardships and struggle you faced during the journey of your carrier and what motivated to go ahead?

JD: There have been many ups and downs throughout my career. Every case is different. We’ve really tried to provide excellent service for our clients. My wife and I are the only personal injury lawyers I know that give out our personal cell phones to clients so they can call us at all hours. It’s a 24/7 job that can be very taxing but also very rewarding. We came into the industry when advertising was starting to drive the industry and took some backlash from people over our advertising campaigns. The Canadian system is starting to welcome advertising in a way that the US has done for years. When you are one of the first people to change the status quo there is always some criticism.

MBE:What message would you like to deliver after gone through this whole struggle and success to our readers for success in life?

JD: Instinct is everything for me. That extends to everything from staffing decisions, financial decisions and business direction. I have a tight team that I work with to manage aspects of the business from creative, marketing and legal. It’s important as a business owner to run your own race. Keep an eye on your competitors but don’t try to emulate them. Create your own path away from the herd.

MBE: What are your key projects and goals in business and life and what change do you wish to bring in business and in society?

JD: Our goal is to be the top player in the space of personal injury, but to also build a brand that is sustainable. We want people to know that we will fight for them every step of the way through this arduous process. We’re building a business but we’re also building advocacy for accident victims across this country.

MBE: What steps should a customer adopt after having an accident and what kind of benefits will he or she be eligible. Why should they contact your company?

JD: A client should always call us as soon as an accident has occurred so we can gather all the necessary information and start the process on our end. There are limitations and guidelines, which must be adhered to. We ask that they document every step of the process and trust our team of lawyers to guide them along the way. We work on a contingency basis. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. We go through the process with our clients and work tirelessly on every case as if it is our own.

MBE: Any message for our readers, community, and rest of Canadians in terms of education, community work, struggle to succeed in life in the light of your successful carrier?

JD: Take time for yourself. Enjoy your success. Spend time with your friends and family when you can. While it’s important to work hard around the clock as a business owner, you want to make sure that you aren’t full of regrets in your golden years. Enjoy the small things in life. Your business isn’t the only thing that defines your legacy.