Interview with Mr. Baldeep and Ms. Neha

MBE: Mr. Baldeep Channi can you please start of by telling us about your unique venture which is Trucking Today TV?

Baldeep Channi: I moved to Canada from England in 2012 where I had been involved in the Media for many years. As soon as I moved to Canada I wanted to start and do something different and unique which would help me stand out from the herd. Conceptualized channels have always been my speciality and I immediately started to plan to start something similar of my own. My first step was to research the market and try and find an industry that was booming. I decided upon the trucking industry based on its vast reach and how many people are involved in this business. It is not only drivers that are part of this industry it is also made up on mechanics, back offices, logistics and massive companies. As I was new to Canada and new to the trucking industry I realized that I would have to partner up with someone who had not only experience but a deep understanding of the industry and those involved in it. I was fortunate enough to meet people who were involved in the industry and who had vast experience. This gave me the confident to go ahead with my idea to start a new Trucking TV channel.

MBE: Mr. Baldeep what made you believe that Trucking TV could be a success?

Baldeep Channi: : The reason I felt that this could be a success is the sheer size of the industry and how much money is involved in this business. In the GTA you can see that those involved in this industry be it the drivers or the company owners they are all making a decent amount of money. These people are the same people that like to spend this money on nice fashion, cars, houses etc. I wanted to give them a platform where we could not only talk about trucking but also about lifestyle and business. When I first started this channel I also felt it would succeed because the content that we have on our channel is not just meant for those working in the trucking industry but also for their families. For example we have programmes that are meant specifically for the children of those involved in the industry. These shows range from cartoons to kids shows. I felt because of the number of people involved in the industry and the number of families attached along with them, the channel was sure to reach out to a large population that would appreciate it.

MBE: Miss Neha what is your specific role in the Trucking TV team and how are you finding the experience so far?

Neha Khosla: I first moved to Canada a couple of years ago and came here and did my MBA. At the time I had no experience or knowledge of the trucking industry but when I met Mr. Baldeep and he asked me to become a part of the team I was instantly ready to take upon the challenge. The reason this intrigued me was because I was interested in doing something completely out of the box and out of my comfort zone. Mr. Channi soon came up with the idea that I should come in front of the camera and speak about student life in Canada. After that first segment Mr. Channi and the team believed that I would be the right face to be in front of the camera representing the Trucking TV Television channel. I am also overseeing the operations part of Trucking TV Television and the channel list and program list is also my responsibility. So far the experience has been a great learning one and I am very much enjoying my journey being a part of Trucking TV Television.

MBE: How is your television channel helping people in the Trucking industry on a daily basis?

Neha Khosla: One of the biggest ways we help people in the industry is by giving technical advice for all those that are involved. This ranges from driving instructions and training for drivers, to segments involving the actual trucks and its mechanical parts. We also have a website and an app for drivers which have many articles and tips on them. The website and app also help drivers face and tackle day to day issues that are our experienced team of people in the industry help them with.

MBE: How was the start of Trucking TV Television when you first aired the channel and how were you able to break out into the public eye?

Baldeep Channi: When we first started the channel it took a couple of months to get the production and technical details set up. Once we were able to setup everything technically I got my first breakout story when I heard about a very big strike that was being planned by truck drivers from all over the GTA. I had found out that the drivers were planning to meet at a temple to discuss their issues. As soon as I heard this I gathered my team and we headed to this temple to meet and speak to the drivers. When we reached the temple we met with the drivers and asked them what they were protesting and they told us that no one was covering them and discussed various different issues they were facing in the industry. The next day the drivers planned to park their trucks at the MTO offices and have their strike over there. So at 5 A.M my team and I headed to the location of the drivers and were the first and only media team over there to cover the story. At the time I had no idea what a big deal this strike was going to be and how fortunate we were to be the channel to break the story. Within half an hour all the large channels such as CP24 had arrived at the scene and I had started getting calls from their offices asking me to give the footage of the starting of the strike and events of the day. For the next three days we heavily covered the events of the truck drivers’ strike and we were the go to channel for all news concerning the strike. Those three days truly were the start and boost that Trucking TV Television needed to become a success. After the strike was over the truck drivers called us to a local temple and thanked us for our help during the entire strike and for getting their message out to the public. We had officially become known in the industry after that event.

MBE: Being a 24 hour channel can you give us a highlight of the kind of channels that are available during the day and night?

Baldeep Channi: At Trucking TV Television we are now trying to cater to all ages. At first we thought we would try and reach out to truck drivers but then I realized that they are also children, parents and partners of those drivers sitting at home and they must also be interested in the industry their family works in. We run everything from trucking industry related programs to dramas, cartoons and music programmes. We want the channel to be something made for the whole family not just the drivers. They are also some specialized programs that are just for the drivers which include important advice regarding the trucks, insurance, mortgages, how to stay healthy on the road and special deals that are made just for the drivers.

MBE: Having established yourself as a part of Canadian Media what is your advice for the next generations and how can they become a part of the media?

Baldeep Channi: I truly believe that in the Canadian media there is a lot of space for conceptualized channels. The future generations should try and focus on creating something new that stands out from the norm and something that will intrigue people. When I came to this country I was told that I would not be able to compete with the larger sharks in the media industry but I never got scared or let this stop me from pursuing me dream and passion. My message is that people should do the same thing and not feel intimidated and should always believe they can do it if they have the right intentions and the right idea.