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MBE is an independent, Canada based business solutions and services providing group that is envisioned to lead the industry through trend-setting innovation and ground-breaking ideas.

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Consumer Proposal Services

Consumer proposal is a formal, legally binding process that is administered by a bankruptcy trustee. In this process, the trustee will work with you to develop a “proposal”—an offer to pay creditors a percentage of what is owed to them, or extend the time you have to pay off the debts, or both.

As your Trustee, we will help you through the Consumer Proposal process efficiently and fairly.

Personal Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy is always the last resort, but if it is necessary, we will help you from initial documentation through to final discharge. As one of the largest filers of Personal Bankruptcy in the Toronto Area our expertise and experience will help you through.

Advice and Consultation

With Proposal & Personal Bankruptcy services, we provide Credit Counselling to our clients. Providing the necessary tools to help with financial recovery.

Corporate Bankruptcy & Proposal Services

Whenever possible, it is our goal to keep your businesses running. We have had great success working through the Division I Proposal process with small to mid-sized companies – enabling them to stay in business. However, when bankruptcy is required, We have the proven experience to complete Corporate Proposals and Bankruptcies accurately, efficiently and quickly.